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Chongwe Safaris

Chongwe Safaris offers a selection of Camps and Lodges in the Lower Zambezi region of Zambia. Having been in operation since 1995 Chongwe Safaris is one of the more well established outfits in the region. The Chongwe Safaris offerings include:

Chongwe River Camp is a 22 bed, 5 star graded luxury tented camp located at the confluence of the Zambezi River and its tributary, the Chongwe River, which forms the western boundary of the Lower Zambezi National Park. Its location on the Chongwe/Zambezi confluence ensures that it is located in arguably the most desirable Lower Zambezi setting with unsurpassed views onto the rivers and the game filled Chongwe flood plain.

Chongwe River House is a 8 bed ultra luxury private bush villa located 500 meters further up the Chongwe River from the confluence with the Zambezi, offering complete privacy and exclusivity. It has been whispered that this four-bed roomed exclusive use house offers unsurpassed luxury in the Lower Zambezi region. It was designed with originality and complete luxury in mind, offering 4 en suit bedrooms, large lounge, deck and swimming pool. It comes with it own management couple, guide and vehicle/motor boat.

Kasaka River Lodge is a 20 bed, 4 star graded tented camp located 4 kilometres upstream from Chongwe River Camp on the banks of the Zambezi River and in the Chiawa Game Management area. This is the only stretch on the 2,700 kilometre course of the Zambezi River where one finds National Parks on both banks of the river - the Lower Zambezi National Park in Zambia and the famed Mana Pools World Heritage Site in Zimbabwe. The river extends the length of the property and there are breathtaking views over the mighty Zambezi River.

Tsika Island Bush Camp is a 6 bed, romantically rustic thatched camp located about 35 kilometres upstream from Chongwe. The Island is a community instituted eco tourism project along with Chongwe Safaris who exclusively manage the camp. 2 to 5 day canoe safaris can be designed from Tsika Island and it is also a firm favourite for anglers targeting the mighty Tiger Fish. With views across the river into the greater Mana Pools world heritage reserve, Tsika is an exclusive use Lower Zambezi island paradise. 

More Information: 
- Chongwe River Camp:
1 Cassia Suite: 1 bedroom honeymoon suite.
1 Albida Suite: 2 bedroom luxury suite.
8 Classic tents. 
- Chongwe River House:
4 bedroom exclusive use ultra luxury bush house/villa.
- Kasaka River Lodge:
1 "Hippo Pod" Suite: 2 bedroom suite.
8 standard tents. 
- Tsika Island:
3 standard rooms. 
Chongwe River Camp, Kasaka River Lodge and Tsika Island: No children under 7 years of age.
Albida Suite, Chongwe River House and Kasaka Hippo Pod: Children under 7 years will be considered but subject to prior management approval. 
Game drives, walking safaris, Tiger fishing, canoe safaris, motorboat safaris, birding, star gazing, lodge swimming pool and select private pools or spa baths. 
Lower Zambezi National Park, Mana Pools National Park, Royal Airstrip, Chongwe Waterfall and Zambezi escarpment. 
Please email us for the latest rates sheets.
Lusaka Office +260 211 841051/ +260 211 841052
Cell: +260 9 77 771316
Cell: +260 9 74 773209