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Services available to both Africa In Focus portfolio members and independent tourism companies.

Operations, marketing and sales Assessment 

  • This offering is perfect for new products and existing products needing a more focused operations model who are wishing to compete more effectively in the tourism hospitality and direct consumer supply spaces.

  • It will involve a complete assessment of all product operations, reservations, service | f&b offering, marketing and sales and product staffing and management.  

  • A full written report will be compiled and submitted to the client at the conclusion of assessment. 


Strategic project marketing and consultancy

  • These projects can be over a short or long term basis and usually follow on from a Operations, Marketing and Sales Assessment.

  • A project plan and timeline will be created to ensure utmost effectiveness of the project while working within clients budgets.

  • Are well suited for product launch phases or product re-branding and business re-evaluation phases.

  • Working off the completed assessment, we will then work with the client in providing a full range of services to effectively develop and manage client’s creative, business and marketing needs.

  • In line with a clients budgets we will then assist the clients as best as possible in implementing a strategic plan with recommendations on way forward to ensure brand strengthening and business sustainability.


Other projects and services

  • Collateral development, for example brochures and websites.

  • Turn key product specific launch or re-branding events within Southern Africa.

  • Southern African and International Trade show & Road show attendance on behalf of a specific client.

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