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Africa in Focus is a tourism destination and services representation company. Our primary objectives are to increase volumes of business to our represented clients, all the while ensuring that our clients and suppliers expectations are always surpassed.

There are many facets influencing our ultimate success and none more important than the unwavering, exceptional quality of the hand-picked products that we are involved with. The tourism industry is all about building and strengthening dependable relationships. Our dedicated and honest approach ensures that all suppliers know exactly what their clients can expect and that relationships between product and supplier are mutually rewarding, dependable, and continue to flourish.

Andrew McEwan
Founder and Owner
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Andrew has a true passion for intimate, unique tourism products. Andrew is responsible for the development of key domestic and international business relationships between product and supplier and will continue to ensure that they flourish well into the future. 

Rogan Bartman
General Manager

Rogan's strengths lie in attention to detail. Other then managing our offices and team, Rogan's other roles involve making sure that the administrative and accounts functions of Africa In Focus are well structured and well managed.

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Keenan Smith
Marketing & Sales Executive

Keenan is based in the Cape Town office and is passionate about business, travelling and exploring Southern African and all it has to offer. A peoples person at heart, Keenan leaves no t uncrossed and no i undotted when it comes to sharing our portfolio with the trade. 

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